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Traveler: The Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Turn off distractions. Focus your thoughts. Simply write wherever you go.

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The Only Laptop Designed to Help You Focus

4 weeks battery life*

E Ink™ screen

Constant auto-saving

Document cloud sync through Wi-Fi

Less than 2 lbs

No distracting apps

Distraction-Free For Better Concentration

No distractions, harsh screens, or mushy keyboards. Traveler is designed to help the modern writer get into a flow state and stay there.

Never Miss a Moment of Inspiration

At half the size of a normal laptop, Traveler’s small size and weight make it your perfect travel companion. Write whenever inspiration strikes.


Travel Friendly

Double your word count! Users report 2x higher daily word counts with distraction-free writing.

No More Eye Strain

Stop staring at the harsh blue light from the LCD screens all day. Traveler’s unique E Ink™ display is easy on the eyes and works everywhere including outdoors.

The Perfect Writing Companion For:

The Fiction Writer

The Novelist

The Screenwriter

The Journalist

The Blogger

The Student

Never Lose A Document

Drafts are constantly saved locally and automatically synced to your favorite tools with secure 256-bit encryption. Work offline or online with ease.

Stop Getting Distracted. Start Writing.

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Pre-Order now to save up to 50%.

Please take my money. Now. Alpha test. Beta test. Review model. I LOVE this idea!!!

Kevin M. USA Today Bestselling Writer

I travel a lot so this is perfect!

Ash M. Internationally Bestselling Author

I would love to have this in my hands right now! A Must have.